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HEAO-1 A2 all-sky scanning data

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The cover image is a galactic center centered Aitoff projection of the HEAO-1 A2 all-sky scanning data. It spans a six-month period starting on day 322 of 1977 (18 Nov), covers the spectral range of 1.5 - 60 keV as seen by the MED (Medium Energy Detector) and HED3 (3rd High Energy Detector) in the small field of view collimator configuration (3.0 deg x 1.5 deg field of view). Missing data in the original data has been reconstructed using a beam-weighted average.


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This is the fifth issue of Legacy, a biannual Journal published by the High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center, HEASARC. This journal provides both up-to-date information about activities at the HEASARC and articles on high energy data research including, e.g., calibration reports, analysis techniques, and data format standards. Contributions to Legacy are solicited from both within the HEASARC and from members of the community who wish to make available information about high energy data.

Editors: Karen M. Smale Nick E. White

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