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Issue 6: September 1995

This page is provided as a reference to those who wish to cite Legacy articles in their papers.

Page Number References
Foreword 3
Report on the Plasma Codes Workshop 4
Update of MEKA: MEKAL 16
The EXOSAT Data Archive at the HEASARC 20
The EXOSAT Interactive Analysis Software 27
The Recommended Columns and Keywords
for a FITS Event List
Recent Updates to GRPPHA 40
The HEASARC Missions Pages 42
Data Archive & Restoration Efforts 45
The HEASARC Online Service 49
The HEASARC Facility 58
The HEASARC Staff 59
The HEASARC Team 60
The HEASARC Users Group 61
CD-ROMs Available 62
Glossary 63

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