ROSAT All-Sky 0.25 keV band map

The Diffuse X-ray and
Gamma-ray Background & Deep Fields

Including All-sky Surveys and Deep Fields

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The Moon The Moon blocks the diffuse X-ray background - ROSAT
The Lockman Hole The Lockman Hole

Chandra Image of Deep Field in Canes Venatici X-Ray Deep Field-Chandra ACIS image
EGRET all-sky gamma-ray survey All-sky gamma-ray survey - EGRET
ASM movie still ASM Movie - RXTE
ROSAT all-sky image X-ray All-sky Survey - ROSAT
EUVE all-sky image EUV all-sky image - EUVE
X-ray shadow of Draco nebula X-ray Shadow of Draco Nebula - ROSAT
ROSAT All-sky image ROSAT All-sky Survey
gamma-ray all-sky image EGRET all-sky image
ROSAT All-sky image All-sky X-ray Surveys - HEAO-1/ROSAT
XMM-Newton x-ray background Lockman Hole - XMM-Newton
Chandra Deep Field Chandra Deep Field - Chandra
ROSAT All-Sky Survey - South Pole X-ray All-Sky Survey - South Pole - ROSAT PSPC
Deep Field survey Hubble Deep Field Region - XMM-Newton
Lockman Hole Lockman Hole - ROSAT
GOODS survey image GOODS survey - Chandra
XMM Large Scale Survey image Large Scale Survey (LSS) - XMM-Newton


 X-ray bursts
from X 160
8-52 and X 1702-43 Diffuse X-ray - 0.1 - 10000 keV range
ASCA spectra at
4 phases of its orbital period Diffuse Gamma- ray - 0.001 - 100 MeV (by OSO-3, Rangers 3 & 5, Apollo 15, and SAS 2)
Cygnus X-3 Diffuse Gamma- ray - 0.5 - 3.0 MeV (by Lunas 10 & 12, Cosmos 6 0, and Ranger 3)

Light Curves

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