X-ray halos around M86
and M84

Clusters and Groups
of Galaxies

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 Virgo Cluster Virgo Cluster-Rosat

Abell 2142 Abell 2142- Chandra ACIS image
image overlaid on an optical image M86 and M84 - Einstein IPC
Hydra A Hydra A - Chandra ACIS
x-ray image of cluster of galaxies Hidden cluster - XMM EPIC
Perseus Perseus - Chandra ACIS
Perseus Perseus - Chandra ACIS
Hydra Hydra - ROSAT
HCG 16 Hickson Compact Group 16 - XMM-Newton
Coma Cluster Coma Cluster - XMM-Newton
HCG 62 Hickson Compact Group 62 - Chandra
3C 294 3C 294 - Chandra
EMSS 1358+6245 EMSS 1358+6245 - Chandra
montage of X-ray and optical images of clusters Dark matter in Clusters of Galaxies - Chandra/HST
plume in centaurus Plume in Centaurus - Chandra
1E 0657 cluster of galaxies 1E 0657-56 - Chandra
Virgo Cluster & M87 Virgo Cluster & M87 - Chandra
Temperature map of PKS 0745-191 PKS 0745-191 - Chandra
Stephan's Quintet Stephan's Quintet - Chandra
Perseus cluster Perseus Cluster - Chandra


 X-ray bursts
from X 160
8-52 and X 1702-43 A85 - HEAO-1 A2 observations with model fitting
ASCA spectra at
4 phases of its orbital period Perseus Cluster -Ariel 5 observations

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