Carinae Nebula


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AR Lac Pointng AR Lac - ROSAT PSPC
Castor stars Castor - XMM-Newton
ROSAT T Tauri discoveries T Tauri stars in Chamaelion - ROSAT
Eta Carina Eta Carina - XMM-Newton
Eta Carinae Eta Carinae - Chandra ACIS image
Carinae Nebula Carinae Nebula - Einstein X-ray observation
Carina Nebula Carina Nebula - XMM-Newton
Eta Carina Eta Carina - ROSAT HRI and PSPC images
Eta Carina Eta Carina - ROSAT and HST image showing the homunculus
HD 159176 HD 159176 (NGC 6383) - XMM-Newton
Horseshoe Nebula Horseshoe Nebula (M17) - Chandra
HZ 43 Field HZ 43 Field - ROSAT mosaic of PSPC pointings
Flaring brown dwarf LP 944-20: flaring brown dwarf - Chandra
Arches star cluster Milky Way's "Arches" star cluster - Chandra & HST/NICMOS
PSPC pointing NGC 2516 - ROSAT
OB association in NGC3603 OB association in NGC3603 - Chandra
NGC 6266 and NGC 7099 NGC 6266 and NGC 7099 - Chandra
NGC 6888 (crescent nebula) NGC 6888 (Crescent Nebula) - Chandra
Orion Orion Nebula - Chandra ACIS image
Orion Orion - ROSAT PSPC
ROSAT Orion region Superman's view of Orion - ROSAT
Chandra Image Orion Nebula - Chandra
Pleiades Pleiades - ROSAT PSPC
RCW 38 star cluster RCW 38 - Chandra
Rosette Nebula Rosette Nebula - Chandra
Sirius B Sirius B - Chandra
Tarantula Nebula Tarantula Nebula (30 Dor) - ROSAT HRI
Tarantula Nebula Tarantula Nebula (30 Dor) - Chandra
TWA 5 TWA 5 and brown dwarf companion - Chandra
WR 25 WR 25 - XMM / optical


Capella Capella - EXOSAT TGS
Eta Carina Eta Carina - ASCA SIS unfolded spectrum
HR 1099 HR 1099 - XMM-Newton RGS
Capella spectrum Capella - Chandra LETG first light
Zeta Ori Zeta Ori - Chandra HETG

Light Curves

Algol Algol - EXOSAT ME
Eta Carina lightcurve Eta Carina - RXTE
Ophiuchus stellar nursery Ophiuchus Stellar Nursery - Chandra ACIS
Eta Carina long-term lightcurve Eta Carina - RXTE

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