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2512 Gamma-Ray Bursts Including
Fluence 2512 GRB's with Fluence- CGRO BATSE
Merger of Neutron Stars Merger of Neutron Stars
Expected and Observed GRB
Distributions Expected and Observed Distributions
2704 Gamma-ray bursts 2704 GRBs - CGRO BATSE
Map of GRBs detected by BeppoSAX Map of GRBs-detected by BeppoSAX
BeppoSAX - GRB 970228 GRB 970228-BeppoSAX
Optical transient discovery of GRB
990123 GRB 990123-Optical transient discovery
Optical afterglow of GRB 990510 Optical afterglow of GRB 990510-CGRO BATSE
GRB010222 x-ray afterglow GRB010222 x-ray afterglow - Chandra
GRB011211 GRB011211 - XMM-Newton
GRB020405 GRB020405 - Chandra
GRB020819 GRB020819 - HETE-2
GRB021004 GRB021004 - HETE-2
GRB021125 GRB021125 - INTEGRAL


theoretical spectrum Theoretical High Energy spectrum
high energy spectrum High Energy spectrum - measuring Photons
grb spectrum thumbnail GRB 991216 - Chandra
GRB spectrum GRB011211 - XMM-Newton

Light Curves

BeppoSAX - GRB May 8, 1997 GRB May 8, 1997 - BeppoSAX
GRB 961001 light curve GRB 961001 - CGRO BATSE
GRB profiles GRB Lightcurves - CGRO BATSE
first recorded gamma-ray burst First recorded GRB - Vela 4
GRB011211 GRB011211 - XMM-Newton

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