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representation of the Black Hole candidate Cygnus X-1 Cygnus X-1 - Artist's impression
 An artist's
depiction of the 11 min X-ray binary 4U 1820-30 4U 1820-30 - Artist's depiction
 An artist's
impression of the famous precessing jets from the X-ray binary SS
433. SS 433 jets - Artist's impression
 Diagram of the
internal structure of a neutron star Neutron star - Diagram of internal structure
Frame Dragging Around a Rotating
Black Hole Frame Dragging Around a Rotating Black Hole
Binary system with pulsar Milisecond pulsar in accreting X-ray binary
Artist interpretation NGC6624 - Artist interpretation
lunar eclipse of Sco-X-1 Lunar eclipse of Sco X-1 - ROSAT
SS-433 jets Jets from SS-433 - ROSAT PSPC
halo Cyg X-3's x-ray halo - Chandra
Black Hole conception Black Hole event horizon
Neutron Star collision Neutron stars colliding
XRBs in 47 Tuc Binaries in 47 Tuc - Chandra/CTIO
artist's concept Black hole & accretion disk - artist's concept
M15 M15 - Chandra/HETGS
black hole diagram Spinning Black Holes - diagram of RXTE result
artist's conception of binary star with Roche
Lobe overflow Binary - artist's conception
image of Aquila X-1 fading Aquila X-1 - BeppoSAX
image of neutron star KS 1731-260 KS 1731-260 - Chandra
binary with jets XTEJ1550-564 - Chandra
SS433 x-ray image SS 433 - Chandra
Massive binary system HD5980 HD5980 - Chandra
Cygnus X-3 Cygnus X-3 - Chandra
Omega Centaurus Omega Centaurus - XMM-Newton
Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae - Chandra
NGC 6266 and NGC 7099 NGC 6266 and NGC 7099 - Chandra
NGC 1637 NGC 1637 transients - Chandra


Tenma - bursts
from X 1608-52 and X 1702-43 Bursts from X 1608-52 and X 1702-43-Tenma
Cen X-3 - ASCA phase-dependent
spectra Cen X-3 -ASCA phase-dependent spectra
Cygnus X-3 Cygnus X-3 - multiwavelength
Cyg X-3 iron line emission Cyg X-3-iron line emission
Cygnus X-3 Cygnus X-3-ASCA SIS
Vela X-1 Vela X-1 - ASCA SIS
 SS 433 SS 433 - EXOSAT GSPC
 Sco X-1 Sco X-1 - EXOSAT GSPC
Her X-1 Her X-1 - OSO 8
Cen X-3 spectrum Cen X-3 eclipse - ASCA SIS
J1118+480 spectrum J1118+480 - Chandra LETG
Cir X-1 line profile Cir X-1 - Chandra HETGS
V4641 Sgr spectrum V4641 Sgr - BeppoSAX
EXO 0748-676 spectrum EXO 0748-676 - XMM-Newton (RGS)
RXJ 1856 spectrum RJX 1856.5-3754 - Chandra and XMM
spinning and non-spinning black hole spectra Non-spinning vs. spinning black holes - artist conception

Light Curves

Comparison of
2A 1822-371 and EXO 0748-67
6 Comparison of 2A 1822-371 and EXO 0748-676-EXOSAT ME
The Rapid
Burster The Rapid Burster-SAS-3 observations
4U 1626-67 4U 1626-67-ASCA GIS-2
Cir X-1 Cir X-1-Ariel 5 ASM
Cyg X-1 Cyg X-1i-Copernicus
MXB 1728-34 MXB 1728-34-HEAO-1 A2
MXB 1728-34 MXB 1728-34-X-ray bursts
4U 0115+63 4U 0115+63-HEAO-1 A2
EXO 2030+375 EXO 2030+375-EXOSAT ME
GX 301-2 GX 301-2-GRO BATSE
Her X-1 Her X-1-Uhuru
Her X-1 Her X-1-Uhuru-spin period
Her X-1 Her X-1-Pulse period
Vela X-1 Vela X-1-SAS orbital modulation
Her X-1 Occultation Data for Cygnus X-1-BATSE
4U 1728-34 4U 1728-34 RXTE power density spectrum
QPO 4U 1728-34 - Fastest Periodic Signals in Astronomy from RXTE
1655 light curve GRO J1655-40 - RXTE
light curve of Aquila X-1 fading Aquila X-1 - RXTE & BeppoSAX
sco x-1 lightcurve from a scan Sco X-1 - 1967 rocket flight
Sco X-1 discovery data Sco X-1 discovery - sounding rocket (1962)

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