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STatistics [fgroup]
where [fgroup] is the default group for fitting. This command causes a short table to be printed on your terminal that displays some basic statistical properties about that group of data. The first line tells you which group is fitted and over what range. Next the unweighted average, variance, and 3rd moment are displayed. For the unweighted data, the column labeled SUMW contains the total number of points used in the calculation, for weighted data, SUMW is the sum of the weights. YMIN and YMAX are the minimum and maximum data values in the range. If the plot group has errors associated with it, then weighted values of the average, variance, and 3rd moment will be displayed. The next row contains WCHI and WRED which are the c2 and reduced c2. The W is appended to remind you that the actual errors on the data were used. The line labeled Sum of Y*XDEL contains the sum of the y values times the Dx values, where Dx is given by the x-error bars. This is a rectangle rule integral of the data. The last line gives the (unweighted) linear correlation coefficient of the y vs. x data.

For maximum accuracy, this routine makes two passes through the data, once to calculate the average, and the second time to calculate moments based on the difference between the data and the average.

If you don't understand the difference between the unweighted and weighted values then you should use unweighted quantities.


Group  2, from   430.0    , to   540.0

        YBAR        YVAR        Y3M         SUMW       YMIN        YMAX
UNWTD  0.5915      0.1341     -8.3771E-03   23.00     2.2100E-02   1.096
  WTD  7.8728E-02  2.0009E-02  1.2435E-02  4.9056E+05
 WCHI=  9.389E+03,  WRED=  426.768

     Sum of Y*XDEL=   0.883411
Correlation coeff.=  -0.853596

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