MS DOS Instructions

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MS DOS Instructions

PGPLOT and QDP/PLT have been tested under MS DOS. Currently the only PGPLOT device handler that supports IBM graphics cards (EGA and whatnot) requires the use of Microsoft Fortran 5.0 (or later). If you do not have this version of Microsoft Fortran, you will need to write a new device handler as described in the PGPLOT manual. DOS versions of the system dependent routines exist, and all the of the QDP/PLT software has been compiled and tested with the Microsoft Fortran compiler. Command line editing is fully implemented under DOS, but you will need to install the DOS ANSI.SYS device driver. This is done by adding a line like the following to your CONFIG.SYS file.

Device   = C:\ANSI.SYS

To default with command line editing switched on you should add the following line to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.


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