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Suzaku Guest Observer Facility

The Suzaku X-ray Universe Oral Presentations

The Suzaku projects hosted this conference in San Diego during December 10-12, 2007, in which many new results from the mission were presented. Here we have collected the oral presentations and converted, where necessary, into PDF format (download the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Reader). For convenience, we note the file sizes for ones that are >10 Mbytes.

Presentation TitlePresenter
Dec 10 
Black Holes: Clse to the Event Horizon (45 Mbytes) C. Reynolds
New Insights from Suzaku into Accretion and Outflow in Active Galactic Nuclei (12 Mbytes) J. Reeves
AGN Structure: Clues from X-ray Spectral Variability (11 Mbytes) M. Elvis
Contribution of Compton Thick AGN to the X-ray Background Y. Ueda
BAT AGN Survey - XMM Suzaku Follow-up Progress Report (23 Mbytes) R. Mushotzky
GLAST and Suzaku (unavailable) R. Sambruna
Spectral Variability of Type 1 AGNs Observed with Suzaku Y. Terashima
Suzaku View of Powerful Gamma-ray QSOs and TeV Blazars (10 Mbytes) J. Kataoka
Relativistic Iron Lines in Black Holes and Neutron Stars J. Miller
Black Hole Accretion Flows (20 Mbytes) C. Done
Fe K Accretion Disk Diagnostics from Suzaku Observations of the Liner Galaxy NGC 1052 L. Brenneman
Suzaku Observations of NGC 4395: Very Hard X-ray Spectrum and Strong Variability of the Smallest Known AGN Y. Tanaka
Herschel and Suzaku (50 Mbytes) B. Latter
Dec 11 
Spatial Distribution of the Galactic Diffuse X-rays and the Spectral/Timing Study of the 6.4 keV Clumps K. Koyama
The Diffuse Interstellar Medium (28 Mbytes) R. Shelton
The Origin of the 6.7 keV line in the Galactic Center Region Suggested by the Suzaku and NIR data (18 Mbytes) T. Tsuru
Suzaku Detection of Nonthermal X-ray Emission in the LMC Superbubble N11 L. Maddox
Investigation of the Galactic Bulge Emission with Suzaku (81 Mbytes) M. Kokubun
Suzaku Observations Groups of Galaxy Groups (and related systems) M. Loewenstein
Type Ia and II supernovae contributions to the metal enrichment in the intra-cluster medium observed with Suzaku K. Sato
Suzaku Observations of the Outskirts of A399/A401 Y. Fujita
Suzaku Observations of Clusters P. Henry
Search for the Missing Baryons (12 Mbytes) T. Ohashi
Suzaku Observations of Hard X-ray Emission from Galaxy Clusters Y. Fukazawa
Thermal and Nonthermal Emission at Large Radii in the Merging Cluster Abell 3667 C. Sarazin
Neutron Star Binaries - Cyclotron Resonances Revisited K. Makishima
Iron Lines in Neutron Star X-ray Binaries as Probes of Neutron Star Radii E. Cackett
Suzaku Observations of the X-ray Emission from Comets G. Brown
Suzaku wide-band all-sky monitor observations of GRB prompt emissions K. Yamaoka
Dec 12 
Thermal Emission from Supernova Remnants with Suzaku (25 Mbytes) U. Hwang
Nonthermal Supernova Remnants with Suzaku A. Bamba
New Insights into Cosmic-ray Acceleration in SNRs Y. Uchiyama
Discovery of the Extended X-ray Emission from the Dark Accelerator HESS J1614-518 (19 Mbytes) H. Matsumoto
Suzaku Observations of SNR RX J1713.7-3946 in the Energy Range from 0.4 keV up to 40 keV T. Tanaka
Suzaku Observations of Accreting White Dwarf Binaries (33 Mbytes) M. Ishida
A Review of Suzaku Studies of Stellar X-ray Emission (62 Mbytes) M. Tsujimoto
Observing IGR J16318-4848 with Suzaku: Probing Compton-thick Absorption K. Pottschmidt
Suzaku Observation of Anomalous X-ray Pulsar 4U 0142+61 T. Enoto
Suzaku Status K. Mitsuda
Suzaku Future Impact: Compact & Stellar Objects (27 Mbytes) G. Hasinger
Suzaku Future Impact on Galactic and Extragalactic Extended Objects (31 Mbytes) J. Hughes
The NeXT X-ray Mission (20 Mbytes) T. Takahashi

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