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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #347: XMM-NEWTON NEWS #215


                 XMM-NEWTON NEWS 215     ---    22-Oct-2018


                XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre at
                 ESA's European Space Astronomy Centre,
                Villanueva de la Canada,  Madrid, Spain


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- Release of the new version of the XMM-Newton OM Catalogue (XMM-SUSS4)

- XSA v10.2 release with access to the XMM-SUSS4 Catalogue

Release of the new version of the XMM-Newton OM Catalogue (XMM-SUSS4)

The   fourth  version   of   the  XMM-Newton   Optical Monitor   (OM)
Serendipitous Ultraviolet Source Survey Catalogue (XMM-SUSS4) has been

This version  contains observations obtained  from 2000 to July 2017.
All  data have  been fully  processed using  the XMM Science Analysis
Software (SAS)  system version 17.0.   The most recent Time Dependent
Sensitivity  Degradation correction,  issued  in June 2018, has  been
applied to all data.

The total number of entries  is 8.17 million.  They correspond to 5.50
million sources,  of which 1.03  million have multiple entries  in the
source table, corresponding to  different observations. The number of
observations included in the catalogue is 9749.

The  XMM-SUSS4  catalogue  can  be  accessed through  the XSA  search
interface.  Besides, both the complete catalogue and a reduced version
can be downloaded from the XSA web page:


XSA v10.2 release with access to the XMM-SUSS4 Catalogue

A  new  version of  the  XMM-Newton  Science  Archive (XSA v10.2)  is
available at


New in  this release is  the use of  the actual EPIC footprint  of the
observation for  searches within the Field of  View (previous versions
used  a circle of  18 arcmin  radius).  This  results in more precise

Also, the fast  web access, previously only possible  for 3XMM-DR8, is
now available for all the catalogues.

XSA  v10.2 provides  access to  the new  version of  the OM Catalogue

Yours sincerely,

XMM-Newton SOC

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