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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #348: XMM-NEWTON NEWS #216

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                 XMM-NEWTON NEWS #216    ---    28-Nov-2018


                XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre at
                 ESA's European Space Astronomy Centre,
                Villanueva de la Canada,  Madrid, Spain


SOC Home Page:
Helpdesk Web interface:
Helpdesk email address:
News Mailing List:



- XMM-Newton AO-18 OTAC Results

- XMM-Newton Users' Group News:
  * New chairperson
  * Call for candidates

XMM-Newton AO-18 OTAC Results

The list  of XMM-Newton proposals  accepted by the AO-18  Observing Time
Allocation Committee  (OTAC) and the associated  abstracts are available


The Principal Investigators of submitted proposals have been informed by
e-mail about  the results of  the OTAC evaluation. The  message contains
the details  about the second  phase proposal submission  for successful
observations,  which must  be done  via the  XMM-Newton  Remote Proposal
Submission System  (XRPS). The  XRPS will close  on the 1st  of February
2019 at 13:00 UT.

AO-18 observations will start to be routinely performed in May 2019.

XMM-Newton Users' Group News

The XMM-Newton Mission thanks Prof. Martin Ward (University of Durham,
UK)  for chairing  the  XMM-Newton  Users' Group  for  four years  and
especially for giving guidance to the project on several occasions.

We  welcome  Prof.   Rudy   Wijnands  (University  of  Amsterdam,  The
Netherlands) as new chairperson of the Users' Group.

* Address of Prof. Wijnands

 As new chairperson  of the XMM-Newton Users' Group  I would also like
 to thank  Martin Ward very much  for his dedication  and efforts over
 the  past  four years  to  help  optimize  the scientific  output  of
 XMM-Newton. I am honoured and excited to take over his position and I
 am  looking  forward  to  work  together  with  the  XMM-Newton  user
 community  to  assure  that   XMM-Newton  will  continue  to  produce
 excellent  scientific  results. To  ensure  this,  the  input of  the
 community is  vital and  all users can  always contact me  to discuss
 user-related aspects of the XMM-Newton mission.

* Letter of invitation for nominations of Users' Group candidates

 Dear XMM-Newton Observer,

 The XMM-Newton Users' Group provides community advice and feedback to
 the  Project  Scientist,  to   ensure  the  interests  of  the  guest
 investigator community are well-served by the project.

 Details  on the Users'  Group, including  its mission  statement, are
 available at:


 The  Users' Group  consists of  9 members  of the  XMM-Newton science
 community,  with 4  year terms  planned.  There  is  one face-to-face
 meeting organised  per year  held in the  spring. Membership  on this
 committee  is open to  the worldwide  community and  we strive  for a
 committee  that is  diverse  in  terms of  career  stage, gender  and
 scientific focus.

 With this announcement, we invite letters of self-nomination to serve
 on this committee.

 Letters of self-nomination, due January 1st, 2019, should be sent to

                    Norbert.Schartel AT esa.int

 Self-nomination letters should be up to one page in length. Also a CV
 should be sent, which can be up to one page in length.

 Best Regards,

 Rudy Wijnands (Chairperson of the Users' Group)
 Norbert Schartel (Project Scientist)

Yours sincerely,

XMM-Newton SOC
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