General Tools

These Web-based tools are designed to assist scientists in their proposal and general data analysis efforts. The HEASARC provides these tools as a service to the scientific community. [FTOOLS, a general FITS file utility programs and mission-specific data analysis tools can be found on the Software page].

Latest News
  • nH tool updated (16 May 2019)
    The nH tool has been updated with support for the HI4PI survey map. This new map is now the default. The X-Ray Background Tool has also been updated to use the HI4PI map.
  • Timeline tool updated (05 Apr 2019)
    The Timeline Tool has been enhanced to be more user-friendly. If no date is entered, it will now respond with the most recent date for which timeline data exists for the specified mission. Also, if only one date is queried, quick links to go to the previous and next days in the mission timeline are presented.
  • Viewing tool updated (17 Sep 2018)
    The Swift pole constraints have been updated in the Viewing tool. The revised coefficients extrapolate the trend for the next year. The Viewing tool now also can report a "preferred" visibility window for NICER observations, which has a Sun angle constraint of 60-180 degrees. (The nominal visibility window for NICER observations is unchanged.)
  • Argus v4.2 released (10 Sep 2018)
    Support for NICER has been added to Argus.
  • X-Ray Background Tool v3.0 released (15 Aug 2018)
    The X-Ray Background Tool has been enhanced with support for counts statistics and the generation of counts-based spectra.

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