General Tools

These Web-based tools are designed to assist scientists in their proposal and general data analysis efforts. The HEASARC provides these tools as a service to the scientific community. (HEASoft/FTOOLS, a general library of FITS file utility programs and mission-specific data analysis tools can be found on our Software page.)

Latest News
  • Viewing tool updated (27 Feb 2024)
    The Sun angle constraint has been updated in the Viewing tool for the IXPE mission.
  • Viewing tool updated (29 Jan 2024)
    The Swift pole constraints have been updated in the Viewing tool. The revised coefficients extrapolate the trend for the next two years.
  • xTime tool updated with XRISM support (12 Jan 2024)
    Support for XRISM mission elapsed time has been added to xTime.
  • XRISM Roll Angle tool released (08 Jan 2024)
    This new tool can determine the range of possible roll angles for a XRISM observation of a target or the time constraints for a roll-constrained XRISM observation of a target.
  • Viewing tool updated with JWST support (15 Feb 2023)
    Support for James Webb Space Telescope's Sun angle range has been added the Viewing tool.

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