GINGA Software: Example of fsumrows & GINGA LAC FRF

In this example a range of rows (2377-2384) from file g8703230425slm1p01.fits column name "DET8_MID" will be summed using fsumrows. The output will be sent to file DET8_MID.fits. Fplot is then used to display this single row.

fsumrows g8703230425slm1p01.fits.gz DET8_MID.fits DET8_MID 2377-2384 operation=sum

fplot DET8_MID.fits - DET8_MID -
Device: /XWindow, /XTerm, /TK, /PS, etc[/XW] 
Any legal PLT command[]
PLT> quit

plot DET8_MID versus Number of points

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