How to install PIMMS

Download pimms4_13a.tar.gz into a suitable directory, then

% tar zxvf pimms4_13a.tar
It should create four subdirectories: data, models, sample, and source.

Goto the source subdirectory and edit the file called so that ddir_name correctly points to the data, and mdir_name to the models subdirectory.

% make arch=solaris

The makefile allows for linux, osx (Mac OS X), solaris, alpha, sun (for pre-Solaris SunOS), and dec (Ultrix), although recent versions have not been tested on many of the legacy systems. PIMMS does not make extensive use of system dependent features, so it should work, possibly with some effort, on all UNIX and UNIX-like systems.

On some systems, it may be necessary to specify the fortran compiler as, e.g., FC = gfortran, in Makefile.

Make will leave the executable, pimms, in the directory above source; there you can also find the LaTeX documentation file pimms.tex.

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