PIMMS Version 2.6 a-c Release Notes

New and updated features in PIMMS v2.6 are:

  • Version 2.6c (Released 1999 May 4) contains the new calibration information for RXTE PCA, appropriate for "Epoch 4" gain setting.
  • Version 2.6b (Released 1999 March 8) corrects a problem in 2.6a for XMM EPIC pile-up calculations at high count rates.
  • New in version 2.6a (Released 1999 February 2).
    • 1999 January versions of effective area curves for ASTRO-E XRS and XIS instruments, with event grade calculation for the former appropriate for the bilinear detector array.
    • 1999 January versions of the XMM EPIC effective area curves, with up-to-date pile-up and dead-time information.

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