PIMMS Version 3.6/3.6a/3.6b/3.6c Release Notes

  • New in Version 3.6c (Released 2005 Feb 10)
    • New effective area curve for Swift BAT, corresponding to one detector to match the BAT analysis software default units. (Note that V3.6b and earlier contained the effective area curve for 16384 detectors that are fully illuminated by a source on-axis).
  • New in Version 3.6b (Released 2005 Jan 03)
    • Updated effective area curves for the Chandra instruments.
  • New in Version 3.6/3.6a (Released 2004 Sep 15)
    • Version 3.6a contains updated XMM-Newton RGS effective area curves. The changes are minor below about 1.8 keV, somewhat noticeable above.
    • Updated effective area curves for XMM-Newton EPIC instruments, appropriate for AO-4 proposals. Note that, starting this version, the EPIC area curves are given for a 15 arcsec radius extraction region, which is typically used for a point source. On-axis observation is assumed as befor.
    • A bug in model parser has been corrected, now allowing NH to be specified when file-based models are used as second (etc.) component of a composite model.

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