PIMMS Version 3.7/3.7a Release Notes

  • New in Version 3.7a (Released 2005 Nov 10; updated 2005 Dec 23)
    • The effective area curves for Chandra have been updated on Dec 23 (as Version 3.7a2) for AO-8 proposers (no code changes).
    • The effective area curves for the Suzaku XIS and HXD instruments have been updated.

  • New in Version 3.7 (Released 2005 Sep 13)
    • This version includes the AO-5 versions of XMM-Newton EPIC effective area curves, which differs slightly from the AO-4 versions. There are no updates for the RGS effective area.
    • This version also includes calibration updates of the RXTE PCA effective area curves. The count rate should increase by about 11% compared to previous versions. This is deemed minor enough that no impact is expected in proposal preparationss and in observation planning.
    • This version also includes post-launch calibration of the Swift XRT, in three data modes (photon counting, photodiode, and windowed timing).
    • PIMMS now uses the post-launch name, Suzaku, for the former Astro-E2.
    • This version now provides assumptions regarding the input count rate (such as extraction region for imaging instruments) for various missions.

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