PIMMS Version 4.0 Release Notes

  • New in Version 4.0 (Released 2010 Feb 17)
    • As of version 4.0, two new grids of models for collisionally excited thermal plasma (using mekal and APEC codes) are available.
      • The expanded grid of Raymond-Smith plasma model that was available as an add-on to the previous distributions are now standard; the more limited grid that was the standard in V3.9k and earlier versions has now been retired.
      • Of the three grids, APEC is now the default. To swith among the plasma models, version 4.0 introduce a new command, "PLASMA."
      • The syntax of the "MODEL" command has accordingly changed. The old model name, "raymond-smith" (or RS) is no longer recognized, to be replaced with "PLASMA." The model component, plasma, requires 3 numerical parameters: temperature, abuandance, and Nh, in that order. An optional string parameter to be placed after the temperature can be used to switch the units of temperature from keV (default) to logT.
    • Log files now contain command echos.
    • As of Version 4.0, the effective curves for the proposed International X-ray Obsedrvatory (IXO) instruments have been added. Support for Constellation-X, XEUS, and Spectrum X-Gamma have been discontinued.
    • Version 4.0 includes updated effective area curves for the Chandra instruments, suitable for Cycle 12 proposers.

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