PIMMS Version 4.1 Release Notes

  • New in Version 4.1/4.1a (Released 2010 Jun 1/3) and 4.1b (2010 Sep 21)
    • Version 4.1b includes updated effective XMM-Newton effective area curves for AO-10 propoers, although the differences should be unnoticeable. It also includes a new set of effective area curves for IXO.
    • By the request of XMM-Newton project at ESA, version 4.1 reverts to using a large extraction region and PATTERNS 0 through 12 (MOS)/4 (pn) in calculated EPIC count rates.
      • Version 4.1 incorrectly stated that both MOS and pn count rates are for PATTERNS 0 through 4. The only change in version 4.1a is to correct this error in screen output and in documentation.
    • Version 4.1 includes preliminary effective area curves for ASTRO-H, the Japanese-US mission scheduled for launch in 2014.
    • Version 4.1 now reports energy/wavelength ranges with an increased number of digits.

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