PIMMS Version 4.6/4.6a/4.6b Release Notes

  • New in Version 4.6/4.6a/4.6b (Released 2012 May 25/Sep 28/2013 Jan 25)
    • Version 4.6b contains an updated set of effective area curves for the Chandra instruments, suitable for Cycle 15 proposers, although the differences with the Cycle 14 versions are minor. Version 4.6b also contains larger arrays for missions/instruments; this only affects users who wish to add many extra missions/instruments to the standard PIMMS installation.
    • Version 4.6a contains a minor update of Suzaku XIS effective area curves appropriate for AO-8 proposers.
    • Version 4.6 includes the effective area curve for NICER, a proposed X-ray astrophysics payload on the International Space Station.
    • Version 4.6 adds instrument-specific outputs for the ASTRO-H SGD instrument (source and background count rates in 2 energy bands, with estimated 3 and 5 sigma detection times).

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