PIMMS Version 4.7/4.7a/4.7b/4.7c/4.7d Release Notes

  • New in Version 4.7/4.7a/4.7b/4.7c/4.7d (Released 2014 Mar 5/Jul 24/Aug 20/Dec 22/Dec 23)
    • Version 4.7d contains an updated, though still somewhat preliminary, effective area curve for the NICER mission.
    • Version 4.7c contains a new set of Chandra effective area curves suitable for preparation of Cycle 17 proposals, and a new set of Suzaku XIS effective area curves suitable for preparation of AO-10 proposals. However, any differences with the respective previous versions are extremely minor.
    • Version 4.7b includes updated effective area curves for XMM-Newton EPIC instruments; note, however, that the differences relative to the previous versions are extremely minor.
    • Version 4.7a contains an updated effective area curve and associated information for NuSTAR, reflecting the post-launch understanding of the mission. Although it was our intent to include the updated effective area curves in Version 4.7, and our documentation claimed it did, this was unfortunately not the case due to a configuration error. Version 4.7a does contain the update; moreover, the upper energy limit for the instrument has been updated from 80 keV to 79 keV.
    • Version 4.7 newly includes effective area curves for MAXI SSC and GSC all-sky monitor instruments.
    • Version 4.7 also newly includes support for the HEAO-1 A1 instrument, appropriate for a direct comparison with the HEAO-1 A1 X-ray Source Catalog.
    • Version 4.7 also contains updated effective area curves for the Chandra instruments, appropriate for Cycle 16 proposals. Differences with Cycle 15 versions are minor.
    • The set of APEC model files have been re-generated using ATOMDB 2.0.2 using xspec version 12.8.1g on 2013 Dec 9-11, with the "solar" abundance values of Asplund et al. 2009. Previous APEC model files were based on ATOMDB 1.3.1 and Anders & Grevesse solar abundances.

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