The ARIEL V Archive

The Ariel V archive includes the 3rd Ariel V Catalog and the Raw data from the Sky Survey Instrument (SSI) and the high level products (e.g. lightcurves) for the All Sky Monitor (ASM) experiment. No other data from the other experiments are available from the HEASARC.

Experiment Lightcurves Raw Data
All Sky Monitor FITS, GIF  
Sky Survey Instrument   FITS

Catalogs and Databases:
There are two databases dedicated to Ariel V : ARIEL3A and ARIEL5. ARIEL3A is the 3rd Ariel V catalog which contains 443 X-ray positions detected by the Sky Survey Instrument (SSI). The Ariel V (3A) Catalog was published in two papers: Warwick et al. 1981, MNRAS, 197, 865 and McHardy et al. 1981, MNRAS, 197, 893.
The ARIEL5 database instead gives access to 250 lightcurves obtained with the All Sky Monitor. The Ariel V databases can be accessed via Browse .

The ASM High level Products: the lightcurves:
The lightcurves available from the Ariel V ASM FTP area in the HEASARC archive were obtained from Dr. Steve Holt's final data reduction. The lightcurves were extracted by fitting multiple satellite orbit accumulations (up to ~1/2 day) with locations and intensities of known sources. The primary reference used for sky source location was the 3rd Uhuru, but addditional positions were also taken from OSO 8, SAS 3, HEAO 1, and other satellite observations. In total there are available 250 lightcurves. Not all the lightcurves contains a significant source detection. HEASARC converted the lightcurves in FITS format (OGIP standard) and created GIF files. No other type of data are available for the ASM. The FTOOLS package, provides a suite of programs that can be used to view and manipulate these lightcurves. Particularly useful are the fplot (to plot the data), fdump (to view the data file content), fstatistic (to compute standard statistical value on a column). The program perdgrm , part of the XTE software, can be used to compute fourier analysis on unevenly spaced data.

The SSI Raw data:
The entire Sky Survey Instrument (SSI) raw data set is available from the Ariel V SSI FTP area in the HEASARC archive together with the only documentation available on the FITS file (and on the SSI fortran library). The data were converted in FITS format by Clive Page (University of Leicester) and a copy given to the HEASARC.

There is no specific software available to analyze the raw SSI FITS file to extract for example lightcurves for a given sky position. However a library of fortran SSI specific routines, delivered with the data, is available in the HEASARC FTP area. This may be of value to anyone wishing to write new software to re-analyse the data.
The FTOOLS package provides basic task to manipulate and view the data.

photo of Ariel V

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