The DXS Archive

photo of DXS in the shuttle bay
The DXS archive at the HEASARC includes only the level 1 data. No other data from the DXS experiment is presently available from the HEASARC.
Experiment Level 1 Data
Diffuse X-ray Spectrometer FITS

* DXS level 1 data : These data were created in FITS format at the University of Wisconsin and copies of the files were given to the HEASARC. The data are available from the HEASARC FTP area .
The data files are organized by orbits (91 orbits). For each orbit there are 10 files containing science and housekeeping information.
The HEASARC presently does not have specific software to create high level data products (e.g. spectra or response matrices), or any documentation on the data file content. Questions about the usage of DXS data should be addressed to the PI, Dr. Wilt Sanders (University of Wisconsin).
However, the FTOOLS package, provides a suite of programs that can be used to view the file content and manipulate the data. Particularly useful are the fplot (to plot the data), fdump (to view the data file content), and fstatistic (to compute standard statistical values on a column) functions.

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