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With reference to the status described in the Guide to the LE CCF (EXOSAT Express No. 3 p.36) and to the CCF Update Note no. 1 (EXOSAT Express No. 4 p.43) the following changes have been applied to the LE Current Calibration Files.

Date Type Status
B2The effect of the partial flap deployment has been introduced, as an extra transmission coefficient = 0.735. Consequently the layout number has been changed to 2.
C1For LE2 only, a minor error has been corrected (points 36 and 37 of the energy grid read 267 instead of 264).
ElThe final values for LE1 are available.
E2The final values for LE2 and a rough estimate for LE1 are available.

E3The layout has been modified (and the layout number changed to 2). The new layout is described in the FOT handbook (revised). The final values for LE2 and a rough estimate for LE1 are available.

E4The final values for LE1 are available.

F1-3These data types have been removed.

Using the terminology introduced in the original article, this CCF is defined as CCF4. The overall SHF key is set to 1983 day 150, and the "last update of cal history" to 1984 day 257.

CCF4 is being distributed with the latest FOT's and should be used instead of older versions. Users not interested in grating data types can take account of the changes to data types B2 and C1 using the information provided in this note. CCF4 is referenced in the FOT Handbook update (Rev. 2) in preparation.


L. Chiappetti

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