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Unfortunately, there were a number of errors in the recent article on ME calibrations in the Express (No. 10, p.40-44). My apologies for any inconvenience caused.

1. Xenon Resolution Function

The Xenon resolution ( V/V; as a percentage) is given by:

Res = Nl+N2/SQRT(E) + N3 x E+ N4 x E3 (E
Res = N6 + N7 x E (E>N5)

The extra term is then added (as given in the Express article) as:

Res = SQRT(Res x Res + (N8 x 20/E)2)

2. Xenon Gain Coefficients

A2 should be given by A2 = A2/(DG+1.0) and not A2/(DGxl.O) as in the Express article. Also for consistency, TX ='t - T1 should be replaced by TX = t -T Fud although for Xenon T1 = TFud.

3. Argon Gain Coefficients

In order to make the method of applying the gain correction more apparent the three lines:

Al = Al + DGI

A2real = A2real + DG2

A2 = A2real - A4 x Al

should be replaced with:

Al = Al + DG1

A2stored = A2stored + DG2

A2 = A2stored - A4 x Al

A.N. Parmar
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