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A tape has recently been generated with the following contents:

file 1 labels (should be skipped)
file 2 complete orbit history (block3ize 760 bytes)
files 3 to 6: copies of the current calibration files for
LEI, LE2, ME and GS taken from the HP2
computer at the end of the mission.

The "calibration history" described in section 5 of the FOT handbook (blocks of 9232 bytes) has thus become superfluous, in that there is now just a single calibration data set for each instrument which is good for the whole mission, although it may be necessary in the future for some changes to be made. Values which depend on time are catered for in an ad-hoc way for each data type. The tape structure for calibration data has thus been simplified, and exactly matches the disc structure in use at ESOC (blocks of 256 bytes) and described in the FOT Handbok. These new calibration data should be used for all FOT's, as the calibration data on FOT's themselves is now obsolete.

Copies of the tape have been sent to a number of institutes. Any observers who have not received or do not have access to one may request a copy from the Observatory. It is assumed, by default, that the new simple format for calibration data is preferred, but the old "cal history" format can still be provided until September 1986 on request.

J.R. Sternberg

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