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The microVAX Interactive Analysis System

The Observatory's microVAX, Vivean, was installed in May this year. Vivean stands for Vax InteractiVE ANalysis system. It provides a significant improvement in Observatory computing resources particularly for CPU-intensive work that has in the past run rather slowly on the HP-1000 computers. Visiting observers who have booked the interactive facilities also have access to Vivean for their EXOSAT analysis needs. At present spectral and timing data can be passed from the HP interactive analysis system to Vivean using magnetic tape. Programs to analyse the spectral data, along with help facilities, are now available as are simple interactive line graphics and a high quality laser printer hardcopy device. The timing analysis system is currently being designed and implemented.

Future upgrades for Vivean are: the establishment of a direct link between the HP's and the microVAX; connection to the international networks, allowing Observatory personnel to be reached by computer mail (This is in addition to the BITNET/EARN link that already exists); color graphics, particularly for the sophisticated two-dimensional timing plots (such as the power versus frequency and observation time plots used in the study of QPO's); and possibly the migration of other tools from the HP computers that would allow the direct extraction of data from FOT's.

Rick Shafer

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