X-ray Quantum Calorimeter (XQC) data at the HEASARC

Nike-Black Brant two stage rocket launches XQC at White Sands
The XQC archive includes :

* High level Products : The data products include spectral files with associated background and response matrices for the last four flights launched between Mar 1999 and Mar 2013. No products are available for the early two flights.
During the flight in December 1995 (27.132UG), the gate valve leaked during the booster burn and no data were obtained. During the flight in June, 3 1996 (27.140UG) the resolution was poor and exposure was short.

The spectral files include in the primary header the WASS FOV of the flights.

The flights launched in 1999 and 2008 were pointed at the galactic coordinates 90, 60.
The flights launched in 2011 and 2013 were pointed at the galactic coordinates 165, -5.
The files are in FITS using the OGIP format recommended for spectra and response matrices and may be used within XSPEC. The data are available from the XQC data location at the HEASARC

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