The SAS-3 Archive

artist concept of SAS-3
The SAS-3 archive contains only raw data files in their native format . The data are organized per orbit and there are eight files for each orbit containing scientific data and part of the HK information. The file prefix indicates the data content (QAK for tube collimator experiment, SLA slat collimator experiment, LED low energy experiment, RMC modulation collimator, QAJ anti-coincident ORB orbita data, SCO sco monitor, ZSN star sensor).
HEASARC does not have any suitable documentation on the specific data content and structure. There is software available that read the raw data however is all Sun-specific and it is not ported on current Sun operating system.
HEASARC has no plans to convert this data set in FITS. The current version of the data and software are available in the HEASARC FTP area.
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