The BBXRT Archive

artist concept of BBXRT in the Shuttle bay in flight

The BBXRT archive includes High level data products , as spectra and lightcurves in FITS format and accompanying GIF view, and the raw data , in FITS format.

Experiment Spectra Lightcurves Raw Data

The BBXRT data can be obtained via the database BBXRT available from Browse or directly from the BBXRT FTP area in the HEASARC archive.

* High Level Products : Data products were extracted for each of the detector pixels. To each observation there are associated 10 lightcurves, 10 source spectra and 10 background spectra, 5 for the detector A and B for the detector. These products are all in FITS format.
For each observation there are also available two GIF lightcurves and two GIF spectra one for each detector A and B. The GIF plots of the lightcurves were obtained using the FITS event files screened by selecting all the data having the following parameters VLE, GUARD, LED, PTP, PPU with value of zero. The good data were binned using an optimized bin size and the result lightcurves assambled in two plots one for each detector. The GIF plots of the lightcurves are not background subtracted. The GIF plots for the spectra were obtained using the already made FITS spectra. Each plot is divided in 5 pannels showing the spectrum obtained by each single pixels useful to identify the pixel containing most of the source counts. The plotted spectra are not background subtracted.

* Raw data: The raw data for each observation are stored in FITS files, using BINTABLE, with an event layout. Each row records among others quantities the arrival time of the photon, its pha value and the pixel location. These data can be used to re-extract spectra and lightcurves.

Each observation has also associated 3 additional files containing Housekeeping data (temperatures, guard rate and other mechanical/technical information from the instruments), Pointing information (RA, Dec and roll angle of the pointing position), and more general mission information (Sun angle, Earth angle, orbit day/night and others).

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