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The HEAO-1 Databases and Catalogs

The access for the listed databases and catalogs is via the HEASARC on-line service Browse.

* Databases :
Name Description Associated data
A1POINT Subset of the HEAO-1 A-1 Lightcurves Source Lightcurves (FITS & GIF)
A2RTRAW Raw Rate Data from HEAO-1 A2 HED and MED Experiment Two Sets of Raw Rate Files: 5.12 and 1.28 sec Integration (FITS)
A2LCPOINT Source Lightcurves from HEAO-1 A2 (MED & HED) for the Pionting Phase & Background Lightcurves (FITS) & GIF)
A2LCSCAN Lightcurves from the HEAO-1 A2 Scanning Phase (MED & HED) Lightcurves (FITS) & GIF)
A2SPECTRA Source Spectra from HEAO-1 A2 (MED & HED) Experiment Spectra (FITS & GIF)
A2SPECBACK Background Spectra from HEAO-1 A2 (MED & HED) Experiment Spectra (FITS & GIF)
A4SPECTRA Source & Background Spectra from the HEAO-1 A4-LED Ping-Pong Mode Spectra (FITS & GIF)

* Catalogs :
Name Description Reference
A1 The HEAO1 A1 X-Ray Source Catalog Wood K.S. et al. 1984, ApJS. 56:507-649
A2LED The HEAO A-2 Soft X-ray Catalog Nugent, J.J. et al. January 1983, ApJS. 51:1-28
A2PIC A Complete X-Ray Sample of the High-Latitude Sky From HEAO A-2: LOG N - LOG S and Luminosity Functions Piccinotti, G. et al. February 1982, ApJ. 253:485-503
A2POINT The HEAO-1 A-2 Pointing Catalog None
A3 The HEAO-1 A3 (MC LASS) Source Catalog None
A4 The HEAO-1 A4 X-Ray Source Catalog Levine A.M. et al. April 1984, ApJS. 54:581-617

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