The HEAO-1 Archive

artist concept of HEAO-1 The HEAO-1 archive includes : Catalogs, High level products such as spectra, lightcurves and images in FITS format, all accompany by a GIF view, and the raw data which have been reformatted into FITS. However not all the data type listed above are available for all the experiments on board HEAO-1.

* Catalogs and databases : There are 13 catalogs and databases for the HEAO-1 mission. These can be used to retrive data and/or obtaine information about observations or detected sources. The catalog and databases can be access via Browse. All The HEAO-1 data are located in the HEAO-1 FTP are at the HEASARC archive.

* High Level Products : The table gives an overview of data products present in the archive for each experiment. The empty boxes indicate that data are not available. The instrument names link to infomation on the different products.

Experiment Maps Lightcurves Spectra
A1-Large Area Sky Survey (LASS) FITS FITS, GIF  
A2-Cosmic X-ray Experiment(CXE) FITS, GIF FITS, GIF FITS, GIF
A4-Hard X-Ray / Low Energy Gamma Ray Experiment FITS   FITS, GIF **
**These datasets are incomplete

* Raw Data : The Raw data are only available for the A2 and A3 experiments. Only the A2 rate data are in FITS format, the A3 data are in their original format.

A2-Cosmic X-ray Experiment(CXE) FITS
A3-Modulation Collimator (MC) RAW

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