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artist concept of NEAR orbiting Eros

* Publication list from ADS

The Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) publication list through June, 1999 is the result of a query to the ADS service using the keyword NEAR AND EARTH AND ASTEROID AND RENDEZVOUS NOT NEAT. Note: the following link is not section 508 compliant.

* Useful NEAR references

On the instrumentation
  • XGRS Goldsten et al., 1997, Space Sci. Rev., 82, pp 160-216.
On the Gamma-ray background
  • Continuum Background in Space-Borne Gamma-Ray Detectors Evans et al., 1997, in Second Conference on the High Energy Radiation Background in Space, p. 47-50.
On Gamma Ray Bursts
  • Gamma-ray Burst Localizations with NEAR in the 3rd Interplanetary Network Hurley et al., 1997, AAS 191, #48.10

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