X-ray and Gamma-ray Missions (organized by launch date)

These graphs show missions organized by launch date, color coded to indicate where data or data products are archived at the HEASARC (blue) or not archived at the HEASARC (orange).

A separate graph shows only missions archived at the HEASARC.

A complete list of missions in tabular form is also available.

* Launches since 1990

Chart of satellites versus launch date (1990 - present)
* XQC (X-ray Quantum Calorimeter) was a microcalorimter flown on sounding rocket flights between Dec 4, 1995 and March 11, 2013.

* Launches from 1975 to 1989

Chart of satellites versus launch (1975-1989)

* Launches before 1975

Chart of satellites versus launch date (prior to 1975)
* WASS was a proportional counter instrument carried on a sounding rocket flown on ten different occasions between 1972 and 1980.

* Missions archived at the HEASARC

HEASARC missions sorted by launch date
* XQC and WASS are indicated with pattern line because instruments carried on sounding rocket. HEASARC has data products for
4 XQC flights and 10 WASS flights. Date ranges for each span from the first to most recent flights however each flight lasted minutes.

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