OGO Non-refereed Publications

  1. Astronomy from space : the design and operation orbiting observatories
    Davies, J, Chichester; New York: Wiley (1997)
  2. Observations of cold magnetospheric ions at geosynchronous orbit during times of high activity
    Elphic, R et al., stp, symp, 6 (1994)
  3. On the Quiet-Time Increases of Low Energy Cosmic Ray Electrons
    Lheureux, J & Meyer, P, International Cosmic Ray Conference, 748 (1975)
  4. The Orbiting Geophysical Observatories. NASA SP-7601
    Jackson, J & Vette, J, NASSP 7601 (1975)
  5. Solar X-ray studies
    Vorpahl, J, aero rept (1975)
  6. Analysis of OGO-5 and OSO-7 X-ray data
    Moore, R, cait rept (1975)
  7. OGO-5 experiment E-09 cosmic ray electrons
    Meyer, P, cuil rept (1975)
  8. X-ray and gamma-ray astronomy
    sast, nasa, 34 (1975)
  9. Solar and terrestrial physics
    sast, nasa, 92 (1975)
  10. Analysis of data from satellite experiments
    Thomas, G, colo rept (1974)
  11. Relation of solar wind fluctuations to differential flow between protons and alphas.
    Neugebauer, M, Solar Wind Three, 33 (1974)
  12. Instabilities connected with neutral sheets in the solar wind.
    Formisano, V et al., Solar Wind Three, 180 (1974)
  13. Variation of the solar wind flux with heliographic latitude, deduced from its interaction with interplanetary hydrogen.
    Blamont, J, Solar Wind Three, 321 (1974)
  14. The enhancement of solar wind fluctuations with scale size near the proton gyroradius.
    Neugebauer, M, Solar Wind Three, 373 (1974)
  15. Lyman-alpha photometer results of the satellite DIAL
    Fahr, H & Schlichter, H, stp, 1, 122 (1974)
  16. Magnetospheric substorm associated with SC
    Ondoh, T, stp, 2, 16 (1974)
  17. Dynamics of plasma sheet and dayside polar cusp according to solar proton measurements in polar regions
    Ivanova, T, Sosnovets, E & Tverskaia, L, stp, 2, 116 (1974)
  18. Search for Galactic γ-RAYS with Energies Greater than 500 MeV on Board OGO-5
    Bleeker, J et al., IAUS, 37, 297 (1970)
  19. Spark-Chamber Observation of Galactic γ-Radiation
    Hutchinson, G et al., IAUS, 37, 300 (1970)

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