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* Publication list from ADS

The OGO publication list through June, 1999 is the result of a query to the ADS service using the keyword OGO. Note: the following link is not section 508 compliant.

* Useful OGO references

On the mission
  • Davies, 1997, Astronomy from Space: The Design and Operation of Orbiting Observatories, p. 111.
  • Jackson, J.E. and Vette, J. I., 1975, The Orbiting Geophysical Observatories: OGO Program Summary, NASA SP-7601.
On the OGO 5 gamma-ray instrument
  • Spark-Chamber Observation of Galactic Gamma-radiation Hutchinson et al 1970, Non-Solar X- and Gamma-Ray Astronomy, IAU Symp. 37, p. 300.
On the Gamma-ray bursts observed by OGO 5
  • Hard X-ray spectra of cosmic gamma-ray bursts Kane and Share 1977, ApJ, 217, pp. 549-564.
On the X-ray bursts observed by OGO 5
  • Characteristics of cosmic X-ray bursts observed with the OGO-5 satellite Kane and Anderson 1976, ApJ, 210, pp. 875-888.

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