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* Publication list from ADS

The Ulysses publication list through June, 1999 is the result of a query to the ADS service. Since there is a very large body of scientific literature concerning Ulysses solar observations, this set of queries focuses on the Gamma-ray experiment onboard Ulysses. Note: the following 3 links are not section 508 compliant.

* Useful Ulysses references

On the instrumentation
  • Solar X-ray/Cosmic Gamma-ray Burst Experiment Hurley et al 1992, A&A Suppl, 92, pp.401-410.
On the gamma-ray burst catalog
  • The ULYSSES Supplement to the BATSE 3B Catalog of Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts Hurley et al 1999, Ap J Suppl, 120, pp.399-408.

* Related sites

* Data from external sites

  • The GRB Coordinates Network GRB Lightcurves from the GCN site. This archives all the GCN/IPC (Interplanetary Gamma-Ray Burst Timing Network) Notices and lightcurves in their original form as they were sent out to the GCN sites. Ulysses is part of the IPN.
  • NSSDC Ulysses WWW site. This archives includes several datasets obtained with the instrumentation on-board Ulysses.

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