grbjet: Two-phase Comptonization model of soft thermal seed photons for GRB prompt emission

This model computes the time-averaged flux over the signal duration determined by the radiation curvature effect for a single pulse emitted by a relativistic top-hat jet (Farinelli et al., 2021).

The parameters are :

par1 thobs, observer viewing angle (degrees)
par2 thjet, jet half opening angle (degrees)
par3 gamma, jet gamma Lorentz factor
par4 r12, jet radius ($10^{12}$ cm)
par5 p1, low-energy index of the comoving frame broken powerlaw spectrum
par6 p2, high-energy index of the comoving frame broken powerlaw spectrum
par7 E0, break energy (keV)
par8 delta, parameter dictating the smoothness of the transition between the two powerlaws
par9 index_pl, energy index of the comoving-frame cutoff powerlaw spectrum
par10 ecut, cut-off energy (keV)
par11 ktbb, comoving frame blackbody temperature (keV)
par12 model, flag to choose the comoving frame emissivity law. Allowed values are 1 (broken powerlaw), 2 (cutoff powerlaw) or 3 (blackbody)
par13 redshift, source redshift
norm comoving frame emissivity normalization in units of $10^{20}$ erg cm$^{-2}$ s$^{-1}$ keV$^{-1}$ ster$^{-1}$