Dr. Steve Snowden

Employer: NASA
Job Description: Astrophysicist, XMM-Newton GOF Lead Scientist, XMM-Newton Deputy Project Manager, XMM-Newton Guest Observer Grant Technical Officer
Phone: (301) 286-8100
e-mail: Steven.L.Snowden@nasa.gov

Steve Snowden received his BS in Mathematics, Physics, and Astronomy in 1978 from the University of Washington, his MS in physics in 1979 and PhD in physics in 1986 from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. After receiving his degree, he worked for half a year on the Diffuse X-ray Spectrometer and then spent five and a half years at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics working on the ROSAT project, primarily on the soft X-ray diffuse background from the all-sky survey. Steve joined the USRSDC at GSFC in 1993 August, where he worked until 1998, when he took the position of lead scientist for the XMM-Newton GOF.

Steve's primary responsibility at GSFC is science support for the XMM-Newton Guest Observer Facility. This includes support for the US XMM-Newton users community from the proposal process to the analysis of XMM-Newton data. His scientific interest lies in the study of the soft X-ray diffuse background and the local interstellar medium.

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