The HEASARC Cookbook is under construction. Please send us your comments and suggestions.

HEASARC Cookbook

(version 0.9)

The cookbook is divided into two main sections,

These two sections address the topics listed below.

Finding and Downloading Data

    What data are available at the HEASARC?

    Which X-ray satellites have looked at my favorite source?

    Which satellite can do the science I'm interested in?

    How do I download data from the HEASARC?

    Can I look at standard data products or quick-look data products for the observation I'm interested in without downloading the data and analysis tools?

    How do I decrypt data found in the HEASARC archive?

Analyzing Data

    Where can I find out about the basics of X-ray astronomy?

    What format are HEASARC data files in?

    What software will I need to do my data analysis?

    How do I get started in X-ray or gamma-ray data analysis?

    How to I extract a spectrum and analyze it?

    How to I extract a light curve and analyze it?

    How to I extract an image and analyze it?

    How do I do anything with these "event lists"?

    How do I convert X-ray flux/energy/etc. units to those used in my field?

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