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HEASARC Cookbook

(version 0.9)

The cookbook is divided into two main sections:

These two sections address the topics listed below.

Finding and Downloading Data

    What data are available at the HEASARC?

    Which X-ray satellites have looked at my favorite source?

    Which satellite can do the science I'm interested in?

    How do I download data from the HEASARC?

    Can I look at standard data products or quick-look data products for the observation I'm interested in without downloading the data and analysis tools?

    How do I decrypt data found in the HEASARC archive?

Analyzing Data

    Where can I find out about the basics of X-ray astronomy?

    What format are HEASARC data files in?

    What software will I need to do my data analysis?

    How do I get started in X-ray or gamma-ray data analysis?

    How to I extract a spectrum and analyze it?

    How to I extract a light curve and analyze it?

    How to I extract an image and analyze it?

    How do I do anything with these "event lists"?

    How do I convert X-ray flux/energy/etc. units to those used in my field?

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