High Energy Astrophysics Related Funded NASA ADAP Programs

Recent HEASARC-related proposals from successful ADAP proposals (listed in reverse chronological order of release)

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Title of accepted 2023 ADAP Proposals

HEASARC Mission Data Used

PI & Institution

Quasi-Periodic Oscillation in Blazars

Chandra, RXTE, Swift, XMM-Newton

Marco Ajello/Clemson University

Probing The Structure Of The Torus Using Multi-Epoch Observation Of Obscured Agn

Chandra, NuSTAR, Suzaku, XMM-Newton

Marco Ajello/ Clemson University

Probing Cosmology with a New Sample of Relaxed Galaxy Clusters from XMM-Newton

Chandra, Planck, XMM-Newton

Steven Allen/Stanford University

Large Angular Scale CMB Anisotropies: A Modern In-Depth Analysis of Systematics, Foregrounds, and Cosmology

Planck, WMAP

Charles Bennett/Johns Hopkins University

Deciphering the Connection between Dust and Anomalous Microwave Emission


David Chuss/Villanova University

Light Behind the Shadow: Revealing the Properties of the Milky Way Circumgalactic Medium

Suzaku, XMM-Newton

Anjali Gupta/Eureka Scientific, Inc.

Galaxy Gas Economy: Star-Formation and Gas Supply in Galaxies over Cosmic Times

Swift, XMM-Newton

Benne Holwerfa/University of Louisville

Searching for the Progenitors of Type 1a Supernovae

Chandra, Swift, XMM-Newton

Jimmy Irwin/University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

Improved Spectropolarimetric Analysis of IXPE Data


Fabian Kislat/University of New Hampshire, Durham

Unveiling Obscured Accretion in the Local Universe

NuSTAR, Swift

Stefani Marchesi/Clemson University

Exploring the Cosmic Evolution of the Chemical Composition of Galaxy Clusters

Chandra, XMM-Newton

Francis Mermier/University of Maryland, College Park

X-rays from the Inner Galaxy’s Exhaust Vents

Chandra, Fermi, XMM-Newton

Mark Morris/University of California, Los Angeles

Beyond Reverberation: How X-ray Time Lags and Coherence Reveal Independent Variability Processes in Black Holes


Michael Nowak/Washington University

Probing AGN and BHB Accretion Physics with Swift/BAT


Gordon Richards/Drexel University

A Comprehensive Study of Transient Compact Binaries with TESS

Chandra, Swift, XMM-Newton

Liliana Rivera/University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Using Observation sofa Gravitational Lenses to Elucidate Parsec-Scale X-ray/optical STructure in the Cores of Distant Quasars


Dan Schwartz/Smithsonian Institution/Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

Multiwavelength Diagnostics of Quasar Accretion Power


Ohad Shemmer/University of North Texas

Searching for New Signals in the Cosmic Microwave Background


Alexander van Engelen/Arizona State University

A Systematic Study of the Outskirts of Galaxy Clusters with Suzaku Archival Data

Chandra, Suzaku, XMM-Newton

Stephen Walker/University of Alabama, Huntsville

Characterizing the Distributions and Interactions of Gas and Dust in the Intracluster Medium Using novel Analysis Techniques Applied to Multi-Probe Observations

Chandra, Planck

Michael Zemkov/Rochester Institute of Technology

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