How Much X-ray and Gamma-ray Data Are Coming In and Going Out of the HEASARC Archive Every Day?

Last Update: 2018 April 19

As of this date, the HEASARC's high-energy archive is growing about 44 Gigabytes (GB) every day, equivalent to 16 Terabytes (TB) every year.

HEASARC users are downloading about 520 GB of X-ray and gamma-ray data every day, equivalent to about 189 TB/year. This can be compared with the current 100 TB size of the entire HEASARC High-Energy Archive. Thus, in one year the HEASARC user community downloads a data volume 1.9 times the size of the archive.

For more detailed statistics, including a breakdown of the data holdings by mission, check out the HEASARC Usage Statistics webpage.

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