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New HEASARC Staff 1996

This list updates the one published in the past issues of Legacy. It includes new members of the science and science support teams, and members of the programming staff.

Programming Staff

Natalie Anderson received her Data Processing Certificate from Yorktowne Business Institute in 1989. After 6 years with Hughes-STX, Natalie came to the HEASARC from the National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC) at GSFC. Her background is in configuration management, data ingest, archive, and distribution (including all your ROSAT tapes!). At the HEASARC, Natalie will be supporting newsletter and technical editing activities. While not slaving away on newsletters, Natalie enjoys arts and crafts projects.

John Kressel joined the HEASARC this summer to provide WWW applications support, primarily to maintain and build new features of RPS and W3Browse, to create innovative uses of the Web, and to assist making the HEASARC server a leading Web site. Prior to joining the HEASARC, John was a senior programmer for the GRO Science Support Center, where he built the Web interface for access and retrieval of GRO data, the Cycle 5 Remote Proposal Submitter(RPS), and led Web development for presentation of OSSE High-Level data products. He has been involved with the new HEASARC Data Base development team for the past year, and is a consultant to the MIPS project. Besides being a Trailer 2 Web hacker, he is busy completing a M.S. degree at Old Dominion University in Physics. His thesis project is a numeric simulation of dust dynamics in nascent circumstellar disks. He is an expert backpacker and accomplished amateur photographer.

Edward Sabol earned a B.S. in Physics with University Honors in 1992 and an M.S. in Physics in 1994 both from Carnegie Mellon University where he specialized in cosmology, general relativity, and computational physics. Prior to graduating, he earned his keep as a graduate student by teaching various undergraduate physics classes and programming physics applications in FORTRAN and Mathematica. After moving to Greenbelt, MD, from Pittsburgh, PA, he joined the HEASARC as a programmer/analyst in January 1995, where he programs client/server solutions in C to support the HEASARC on-line services. In his spare time, he is an avid volleyball player and movie buff.

Almaz Tekle received a BS in Computer Science from the University of D.C. in 1986. Almaz is currently progressing toward a master's degree in Technical Management at Johns Hopkins University and expects to complete the program in May of 1997. Almaz joined the Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics (LEP) at NASA/GSFC in 1988. She has worked for Code 690's rock magnetism laboratory, ISEE-3, ULYSSES/URAP and WIND/WAVES projects. Almaz provided data analysis and data processing software development and support, web software development and software configuration management. Almaz joined the HEASARC in September 1995 and is currently working in Web software development.

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