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Name		      Phone	     E-mail	      Job Description     Organization

Nicholas White	      (301) 286-8443 HEASRC::WHITE    HEASARC Director	  LHEA

Lorella Angelini      (301) 286-3607 HEASRC::ANGELINI Archive Scientist	  LHEA
Paul Barrett	      (301) 286-1108 HEASRC::BARRETT  Archive Scientist	  LHEA
Steve Drake	      (301) 286-6962 HEASRC::DRAKE    Archive Scientist	  LHEA
Ian M. George	      (301) 286-6094 HEASRC::GEORGE   Archive Scientist	  LHEA
Jim Lochner	      (301) 286-1579 HEASRC::LOCHNER  Archive Scientist	  LHEA
Bill Pence	      (301) 286-4599 HEASRC::PENCE    Archive Scientist	  LHEA
Laura A. Whitlock     (301) 286-1578 HEASRC::WHITLOCK Archive Scientist	  LHEA

Brendan Perry	      (301) 286-1508 HEASRC::PERRY    Programmer/analyst  LHEA
Katherine Rhode	      (301) 286-3566 HEASRC::RHODE    Programmer/analyst  LHEA
Karen Smale	      (301) 286-7612 HEASRC::KSMALE   Programmer/analyst  LHEA
Patricia Tyler	      (301) 286-4682 HEASRC::TYLER    Programmer/analyst  LHEA

Orin Day	      (301) 286-1542 HEASRC::ODAY     Programmer	  LHEA
Paul Jacobs	      (301) 286-1510 HEASRC::JACOBS   Programmer   	  LHEA
Bruce O'Neel	      (301) 286-1511 HEASRC::ONEEL    Programmer	  LHEA
Andy Pollock			     HEASRC::POLLOCK  Programmer	  LHEA
Song Yom	      (301) 286-1364 HEASRC::YOM      Programmer	  LHEA

Jeanne Behnke	      (301) 286-8340 NDADSA::BEHNKE   Systems Operation   NSSDC
Cynthia Cheung	      (301) 286-2780 NSSDCA::CCHEUNG  Archive Scientist   NSSDC
Michael Van Steenberg (301) 286-7876 NDADSA::MEV      Data Ingest         NSSDC
All DEC-Net e-mail addresses listed above can be exchanged for Internet addresses with the format e.g.,

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