This Legacy journal article was published in Volume 4, February 1994, and has not been updated since publication. Please use the search facility above to find regularly-updated information about this topic elsewhere on the HEASARC site.

Table 1

IAU-recommended basic units allowed within OGIP datasets &

Quantity Unit Meaning Notes String

S1 base & supplementary units length m metre mass kg kilogram time s second of time (incl sidereal time if appropriate) plane angle rad radian (but see text) solid angle sr steradian temperature K kelvin electric current A ampere amount of substance mol mole luminous intensity cd candela IAU recognized derived units frequency Hz hertz s-1 energy J joule N m power W watt J s-1 electric potential V volts J C-1 force N newton kg m s-2 pressure, stress Pa pascal N m-2 electric charge C coulomb A s electric resistance ohm ohm V A--1 (see text) electric conductance S siemens A V-1 electric capacitance F farad C V-1 magnetic flux Wb weber V s magnetic flux density T tesla Wb m-2 inductance H henry Wb A-1 luminous flux lm lumen cd sr illuminance lx lux lm m-2

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