set the solar abundances

Set the abundance table for elements up to Zinc (Z=30) used in the plasma emission and photoelectric absorption models, in linear ratios to Hydrogen. The tables used are derived from various papers, most of which quote the log base ten abundance with Hydrogren set at 12. The table from Lodders et al 2009 for the proto-solar values gives the values normalized to N(Si), which are normalized to Hydrogen before calculating the linear ratio. The default abundance table in Xspec is Anders E. & Grevesse N., 1989 (angr).

Syntax: abund <option>

where <option> is:

angr Anders E. & Grevesse N. (1989, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 53, 197) (Photospheric, using Table 2)
aspl Asplund M., Grevesse N., Sauval A.J. & Scott P. (2009, ARAA, 47, 481) (Photospheric, using Table 1)
feld Feldman U.(1992, Physica Scripta 46, 202)
aneb Anders E. & Ebihara (1982, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 46, 2363)
grsa Grevesse, N. & Sauval, A.J. (1998, Space Science Reviews 85, 161)
wilm Wilms J., Allen A. & McCray R. (2000, ApJ 542, 914)
lodd Lodders K (2003, ApJ 591, 1220) (Photospheric, using Table 1)
lpgp Lodders K., Palme H., Gail H.P. (2009, Landolt-Börnstein, New Series, vol VI/4B, pp 560–630) (Photospheric, using Table 4)
lpgs Lodders K., Palme H., Gail H.P. (2009, Landolt-Börnstein, New Series, vol VI/4B, pp 560–630) (Proto-solar, using Table 10)
file <filename> where <filename> is the path to and name of an ASCII file containing 30 lines, for the first 30 elements, with one number value per line. Set all abundance numbers relative to H.

If no <option> is given, the abund command reports which abundance table is currently in use.

The tables are:

Z El angr aspl feld aneb grsa wilm
1 H 1.00E+00 1.00E+00 1.00E+00 1.00E+00 1.00E+00 1.00E+00
2 He 9.77E-02 8.51E-02 9.77E-02 8.01E-02 8.51E-02 9.77E-02
3 Li 1.45E-11 1.12E-11 1.26E-11 2.19E-09 1.26E-11 0.00E+00
4 Be 1.41E-11 2.40E-11 2.51E-11 2.87E-11 2.51E-11 0.00E+00
5 B 3.98E-10 5.01E-10 3.55E-10 8.82E-10 3.55E-10 0.00E+00
6 C 3.63E-04 2.69E-04 3.98E-04 4.45E-04 3.31E-04 2.40E-04
7 N 1.12E-04 6.76E-05 1.00E-04 9.12E-05 8.32E-05 7.59E-05
8 O 8.51E-04 4.90E-04 8.51E-04 7.39E-04 6.76E-04 4.90E-04
9 F 3.63E-08 3.63E-08 3.63E-08 3.10E-08 3.63E-08 0.00E+00
10 Ne 1.23E-04 8.51E-05 1.29E-04 1.38E-04 1.20E-04 8.71E-05
11 Na 2.14E-06 1.74E-06 2.14E-06 2.10E-06 2.14E-06 1.45E-06
12 Mg 3.80E-05 3.98E-05 3.80E-05 3.95E-05 3.80E-05 2.51E-05
13 Al 2.95E-06 2.82E-06 2.95E-06 3.12E-06 2.95E-06 2.14E-06
14 Si 3.55E-05 3.24E-05 3.55E-05 3.68E-05 3.55E-05 1.86E-05
15 P 2.82E-07 2.57E-07 2.82E-07 3.82E-07 2.82E-07 2.63E-07
16 S 1.62E-05 1.32E-05 1.62E-05 1.89E-05 2.14E-05 1.23E-05
17 Cl 3.16E-07 3.16E-07 3.16E-07 1.93E-07 3.16E-07 1.32E-07
18 Ar 3.63E-06 2.51E-06 4.47E-06 3.82E-06 2.51E-06 2.57E-06
19 K 1.32E-07 1.07E-07 1.32E-07 1.39E-07 1.32E-07 0.00E+00
20 Ca 2.29E-06 2.19E-06 2.29E-06 2.25E-06 2.29E-06 1.58E-06
21 Sc 1.26E-09 1.41E-09 1.48E-09 1.24E-09 1.48E-09 0.00E+00
22 Ti 9.77E-08 8.91E-08 1.05E-07 8.82E-08 1.05E-07 6.46E-08
23 V 1.00E-08 8.51E-09 1.00E-08 1.08E-08 1.00E-08 0.00E+00
24 Cr 4.68E-07 4.37E-07 4.68E-07 4.93E-07 4.68E-07 3.24E-07
25 Mn 2.45E-07 2.69E-07 2.45E-07 3.50E-07 2.45E-07 2.19E-07
26 Fe 4.68E-05 3.16E-05 3.24E-05 3.31E-05 3.16E-05 2.69E-05
27 Co 8.32E-08 9.77E-08 8.32E-08 8.27E-08 8.32E-08 8.32E-08
28 Ni 1.78E-06 1.66E-06 1.78E-06 1.81E-06 1.78E-06 1.12E-06
29 Cu 1.62E-08 1.55E-08 1.62E-08 1.89E-08 1.62E-08 0.00E+00
30 Zn 3.98E-08 3.63E-08 3.98E-08 4.63E-08 3.98E-08 0.00E+00

Z El lodd lgpp lgps
1 H 1.00E+00 1.00E+00 1.00E+00
2 He 7.92E-02 8.41E-02 9.69E-02
3 Li 1.90E-09 1.26E-11 2.15E-09
4 Be 2.57E-11 2.40E-11 2.36E-11
5 B 6.03E-10 5.01E-10 7.26E-10
6 C 2.45E-04 2.45E-04 2.78E-04
7 N 6.76E-05 7.24E-05 8.19E-05
8 O 4.90E-04 5.37E-04 6.06E-04
9 F 2.88E-08 3.63E-08 3.10E-08
10 Ne 7.41E-05 1.12E-04 1.27E-04
11 Na 1.99E-06 2.00E-06 2.23E-06
12 Mg 3.55E-05 3.47E-05 3.98E-05
13 Al 2.88E-06 2.95E-06 3.27E-06
14 Si 3.47E-05 3.31E-05 3.86E-05
15 P 2.88E-07 2.88E-07 3.20E-07
16 S 1.55E-05 1.38E-05 1.63E-05
17 Cl 1.82E-07 3.16E-07 2.00E-07
18 Ar 3.55E-06 3.16E-06 3.58E-06
19 K 1.29E-07 1.32E-07 1.45E-07
20 Ca 2.19E-06 2.14E-06 2.33E-06
21 Sc 1.17E-09 1.26E-09 1.33E-09
22 Ti 8.32E-08 7.94E-08 9.54E-08
23 V 1.00E-08 1.00E-08 1.11E-08
24 Cr 4.47E-07 4.37E-07 5.06E-07
25 Mn 3.16E-07 2.34E-07 3.56E-07
26 Fe 2.95E-05 2.82E-05 3.27E-05
27 Co 8.13E-08 8.32E-08 9.07E-08
28 Ni 1.66E-06 1.70E-06 1.89E-06
29 Cu 1.82E-08 1.62E-08 2.09E-08
30 Zn 4.27E-08 4.17E-08 5.02E-08


angr:  Anders E. & Grevesse N. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 53, 197 (1989)
XSPEC12>abund ?
Change/Report the solar abundance table in use
    Syntax: abund [ feld | angr | aneb | grsa | wilm | lodd | aspl | lpgp | lpgs ]
            abund file </path/to/filename>
            (define & load new vector from data in <filename>)
XSPEC12>abund lodd
 Solar Abundance Vector set to lodd:  Lodders, K. ApJ 591, 1220 (2003)
lodd:  Lodders, K. ApJ 591, 1220 (2003)