save spectrum

Saves the spectrum file. In addition, the output spectrum can be grouped or rebinned on output. The default is to rebin the spectrum. This can be turned off by saying

xsel > save spec group=no

Otherwise, the following will be done:

=======  ========== ========  ========================================
ASCA        GIS      PH       GRPPHA: GROUP channels 0-1023 by 4
            SIS      BRIGHT   RBNPHA: BRIGHT2LINEAR to 512
                              GRPPHA: Channels < EVTR flagged bad
            SIS      BRIGHT2  RBNPHA: LINEAR to 1024
                              GRPPHA: Channels < EVTR flagged bad
ROSAT      PSPC      NONE     GRPPHA: Bad 1-11, 212-256
                              GRPPHA: GROUP 12-211 by 10

For some missions the response for the spectrum can also be calculated as part of the save process

xsel > save spec resp=yes

will create rmfs and arfs as appropriate. If the mission calculates arfs differently for point and extended sources then the latter option can be performed by

xsel > save spec resp=extend

Note that if the mission is Chandra or XMM-Newton then this feature will run CIAO or SAS tasks, respectively.

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