PIMMS Version 2.2 Release Note

We have discontinued the support for ASCA SIS image simulation capability. Version 2.2 is a slight upgrade on s2.1a (see the release note for that version below), but 'make' will call the executable pimms rather than pimms2 (sorry for the confusion this might cause!).

This version contains several new features:

  • Updated mission specific information for ASCA instruments, suitable for the AO-4 period (1996).
  • Effective area curves and mission specific information for SAX, the Italian/Dutch X-ray astronomy satellite.
  • XTE ASM effective area curve.
  • Default mission will be determined at run-time: whatever mission/detector combination that is at the top of the pms_mssn.lst file will be the default.
  • Several bug fixes

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