PIMMS Version 3.2 Release Notes

New and updated features in PIMMS v3.2 are:

  • New in version 3.2d (Released 2002 January 29).
    • A set of new Chandra effective area curves for Cycle 4 proposes.
    • A minor bug fix for pms_rarea.f: this bug prevented this routine from utilizing the maximum amount of space allocated.
    • A minor bug fix for pms_slmdl.f: this bug caused PIMMS to run out of memory under certain situations.
  • New in version 3.2c (Released 2001 October 15).
    • The bug fix attempted in v3.2b was incomplete; v3.2c (hopefully) completes the fix. If you are running v3.2a/b, and it crashes, install v3.2c, or just update pms_docrt.f. If you are running v3.2a/b, and it does not crash (try estimating an ASCA SIS count or SAX MECS rate), then you need not take any action.
  • New in version 3.2b (Released 2001 October 03).
    • Fixed a bug introduced in v3.2a, which caused crashes on some machines.
  • New in version 3.2a (Released 2001 October 01).
    • Cosmetic tweaks to get rid of meaningless warning messages.
  • New in version 3.2 (Released 2001 September 10).
    • XMM-Newton AO-2 support: Effective area curves for EPIC-MOS, EPIC-PN, and RGS have been updated using in-orbit calibrations.
    • Also includes a new formula to estimate pile-up for EPIC-MOS, based on in-orbit data.

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